A common man marvels at uncommon things. A wise man marvels at the commonplace. CONFUCIUS


Welcome to my blog!

I'm Robert, also known as The Solitary Walker, and I live in the UK on the Notts-Lincs border. Even though I live in the Midlands, and I'm middle-aged, I'd shudder if you thought me middle-of-the-road. I live on the borderline, remember?

I love reading, writing, walking, travelling, poetry, gardening, cookery, nature, art, music and Marmite. My tastes in literature and music seem to get wider as I get older. I'm also interested in languages, philosophy, myth and religion; and Buddhism in particular holds a strong appeal.

I blog about all of the above, and I really appreciate all the comments on my posts.

One needs . . . What is it that we need? Certainly the more liberated one feels the less one needs. The sage demonstrates it daily, and the idiot too. Just to breathe, to know that you are alive, isn't it marvellous?

The greatest miracle is the discovery that all is miraculous. And the nature of the miraculous is — utter simplicity.

HENRY MILLER Stand Still like the Hummingbird


Anonymous said...

I share many of the same interests as you, and yet often feel as though I merely trudge toward my final destination. I will return to your site and hope that your enthusiasm is contagious.And if not, I will still enjoy your eloquence and brains. Thanks for taking the time to share your passion.

bigtuna said...

Nice blog! Been enjoying reading your posts! I am an experienced, middle aged, american hiker, with long distance experience thinking about the Geneva Way to le Puy in October. I saw u did the hike in September . (I am hiking the Camino frances with my daughter in September, who has no interest in the Geneva walk) . Do u think its advisable to leave Geneva say october 5 and try to hook up with st Jean pied de port by early mid November? I have no language skills, and have never travelled in Europe before! Love the blog

The Solitary Walker said...

Hi Bigtuna

As a rough guide, you should be able to hike Geneva to Le Puy in 2 weeks and Le Puy to St Jean in 4 weeks. That time of year is good for walking. You will love Europe, but do learn a little french before you go, and take a phrase book. Fewer French speak english than you might think. Some knowledge of basic french will improve your Camino experience enormously. Thanks for your nice comments about my blog!

Gitti said...

Hi Robert. Just came across your Via Gebenennsis blog, which brought back lovely memories of when I walked this route in 2010.
My blog with many caminos is here : www.gittiharre.blogspot.com

The Solitary Walker said...

It's a lovely route, isn't it? And thanks for the link to your blog, Gitti — I will visit.