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Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day (It's Here): Must Be Santa

A very Happy Christmas to all my blogreaders out there. A lot of visitors alight for a few moments like butterflies on a buddleia bush and fly on, never to be glimpsed again. But some return from time to time - and there's a core of loyal visitors who come back regularly, either daily or several times a week. To these especially I'm truly grateful, and feel humbled and amazed that my blog can attract such a committed readership. So to everyone - but particularly to this steadfast core of readers (including 86 Subscribers on Google Reader and 41 Followers on Google Friends) - some of whom comment regularly (for which I'm very grateful) - to everyone out there in Blogland, in the vast reaches of Cyberspace, I wish again a lovely Christmas time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks and Merry Christmas Solitary Walker. I stop by most days. I'm a Bob Dylan fan, a searcher and a person looking for the peaceful in a largely non-peaceful world.
Kathy in the Canadian Prairies

Rebecca said...

I love your writing; often thought provoking (to me) and I love reading of your journeys. Thank you. A blessed Christmas to you, Solitary Walker. And may the new year bring you loads of joy, love and laughter.

gleaner said...

The previous comments capture my thoughts too - a wonderful blog and always enjoyable to read. Best wishes for the New Year!

BTW - this clip is wonderful, its the first time I've seen it so I'm not sure why Bob is wearing a wig and whether there is something I'm missing but somehow it is very funny and really captures the crazy spirit of Xmas!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Thank you SW - and greetings of the season to you from Camelopardalis in the 'vast reaches of Cyberspace'!