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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Last Word. Really.

Okay, okay, I haven't forgotten! Here's the kit list - specially for any walkers out there more serious and 'proper' than I will ever be...

Backpack (North Face Terra 40)
Trekking poles (Leki)
Sleeping bag (Vango Venom) and silk liner
Walking boots (Merrell Mids - Goretex-lined, Vibram-soled)
Light sandals (Reebok)
Hiking trousers (North Face)
Waterproof Gore-Tex shell (Berghaus)
Waterproof overtrousers (Regatta)
Fleece (North Face)
Hat and gloves (North Face)
Neck warmer
Technical shirts (Technicals/Regatta)
Merino wool base layer (Icebreaker)
Base layer briefs (Helly Hansen)
Socks and sock liners (Smartwool/Bridgedale)
Bum bag
Headtorch (Petzl)
Compass (Silva)
Swiss Army knife (Victorinox)
Cigarette lighter
Plastic spoon and fork
Water bottle
Compact camera (Panasonic Lumix TZ7) and charger
Mobile phone (Nokia) and charger
Travel adaptor plug
Wrist watch (Casio G-Shock)
Spanish phrase book
Camino guide book
Notebook and pen
Needle and thread
Ibuprofen, Compeed, plasters
Blood pressure tablets
Pegs and line
Nail file and clippers
Lip salve
Antiseptic cream
Razor and shaving oil
Toothbrush and paste
Plastic container of all-purpose soap
Microfibre travel towel
Debit card, credit card, European Health Insurance card
Cash in euros
Credencial del Peregrino
Scallop shell pendant
Plastic rosary
10 jar maxi-pack of Marmite

Total weight of backpack: 14 lb (6.3 kg)

(Only joking about the Marmite...)

IN MEMORIAM: FLW. My father died a year ago tomorrow. May he rest in peace. I dedicate this Camino to his memory.


Timecheck said...

Quite remarkable. Thirty years ago the base weight for a trek like yours would have to be 30+ pounds.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Best of luck on your journey - hope you don't find too much in the way of snow.

Phoenix C. said...

I hope you're getting product endorsement fees for all this advertising of brands! :)

It's interesting to read your list - I'm a great list-writer, it's enjoyable as well as useful, and one's previous lists can be referred to each year!

am said...

Buen Camino, Solitary Walker!

It makes me very happy to think that a person can walk along and carry everything on that list and dream of carrying marmite, too.

gleaner said...

What a good list, I might use it as a guide if I venture into one of those stores with all their technically advanced clothing and items for walking etc - I always leave totally confused!

When I travel with vegemite I use the excuse that it is important to keep up my vitamin B intake whilst away from home.

bon voyage!

JD said...

Just found this site whilst researching and planning for my own camino which I will do late this year or early next year. Your packing list is a great start. A prayer offered up for your late dad. RIP

Grace said...

I misread Balaclava as Bakalava, hehe, I thought, Well,I suppose one might want to pack that on a walking trip, but kinda messy.

I'm copying your list, too, since I want to invest in the proper gear but find it so overwhelming.

John said...

Buen Camino Amigo,

I'll be with you in spirit as you give in to the serendipity of the Via de la Plata. Like others I'm eager to hear how your adventure develops. Wjhen reaching Santiago if you want you can have your compostela dedicated in the same way as your pilgrimage.

Best regards


ps I'm seriously impressed with the pack weight btw :)

Johnnie Walker said...

Hi - I was looking for an e mail address for you. So this isn't really a comment just a way of reaching you! I'm sorry I wasn't in touch before you went off. I'm just back and completely disorganised! If you need anything whilst your away - research on accommodation or anything just e mail me.

Can you let me know when you might be in Santiago - I may be there then!



Alan Sloman said...

Good luck and may the wind be at your back and the sun on your shoulders. Have a good Camino.

Winter Pilgrim said...

I'm with you in spirit and having a great time!