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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sweet Surrender

In a bar, in the rain,
In the north-west of Spain,
I was trying to drown all my sorrows;
As the rain hammered down
On that dreary old town,
I reflected upon my tomorrows.

The going is bad,
There's more rain to be had,
And some hail, and a downfall of snow,
And some thunder and lightning,
And what's even more frightening
Is the gale that's beginning to blow.

Today was not good
For a stream was in flood,
I was bloody well near swept away;
And also (he rants)
My new rain-proof pants
Let in water for most of the day.

My pack's inundated,
My boots saturated,
(So much for that wonder stuff, Goretex);
And what's more the rain's
Trickled into my brain
Liquefying my cerebral cortex.

So I felt some relief
(As I struggled beneath
That Galician torrent of rain)
That it isn't a sin
Or a crime to give in:
In the morning I'm taking a train.

I've walked 800 K,
(That's four-fifths of the way),
But I know my Camino is done;
So it's no Compostela,
I'm off to Marbella
For some sweet R & R in the sun.

Only joking about the Marbella bit...

'Rain' appears 6 times in this poem by kind permission of the Galician Xunta, which has near-exclusive rights in the word.

(Posted from A Gudiña, on the Camino Sanabrés, Spain.)


Rachel Fox said...

It's horrible here too today. Walking the dog was more than enough!

Rebecca said...

Glad to see that despite all that rain (and goretex still means squishy shoes) and the liquified brain, your humour is intact.

Keep well.