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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Three Limericks

A winter Camino pilgrim
Abandoned the trail on a whim.
He boarded a train
And was not seen again...
So his chance of redemption is slim.

A winter Camino pilgrim
Had eyesight so terribly dim
That he read the map wrong...
Ended up in Hong Kong!
Which deeply offended Saint Jim.

A thirsty, footsore peregrino
Was drinking so much of the vino,
He was calling Saint James
All kinds of rude names
As he staggered along the Camino!

Bet you wish I hadn't rediscovered my sense of humour after these..!

(Posted from Puebla de Sanabria, on the Camino Sanabrés, Spain.)


verena said...


Bill said...

There was a young man from Majorca
Read the poems of a Camino walker
"What does it all mean?
These limericks are clean!"
Said the man as he ******* *** *****.