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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Small Stones

According to Fiona Robyn 'small stones' are bite-sized truffles of poetry celebrating the extraordinary in the everyday and the ordinary... Or, as she puts it another way, a 'small stone' is a polished moment of paying proper attention. I thought I'd have a go at writing some.


a smeared knife
an empty shell
one single soldier left -

that boiled egg


toaster still warm
bread crumbs on the floor
coffee cup rings
half-open door -
missing you already


is more fragrant
though saffron
sounds fragranter


serried ranks of trees:
today's green army
tomorrow's dream kitchen


Rilke's bell

Strike me alive
Clap me round the ears:
I am, I am, I am


A new 'small stone' from blog-poets around the world appears every day in the Handful of Stones widget on my sidebar.


Ruth said...

Oh Robert, these are wonderful small stones! I love the idea of small stones, like haiku with an added layer.

My favorite line of many is though saffron / sounds fragranter. Made me smile!

George said...

I love these small stones, Robert, especially the Rilke stone. I first learned of these delightful forms of poetry over at Pat the Weaver's site. In the coming weeks, I think I may give it a shot myself. Like haikus, it's a wonderful way to capture a brief frame of time and thought.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

I love these - they are digestible morsels of deliciousness!

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks everyone for these delightful 'small stone' comments.

George - I, for one, am looking forward to your own creations...