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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Internet Activity

I thought it might be useful to give a summary of my relevant Internet activity — it covers my four blogs, my poetry journal and my two Facebook pages.

My main blog, The Solitary Walker. This summer it will have been online for six years. Yes, it's about walking — but many other things too, such as music, books, poetry, philosophy, Buddhism, landscape, natural history, photography, cookery, Marmite and country dancing (only joking about the country dancing). I am always delighted to receive comments on this and on all my other blogs. 

My blog Turnstone features quotations from and thoughts about the books I've been reading, and other odd snippets besides, or as the subtitle defines it: 'Shards, Sweepings, Stealings, Sayings, Secrets'. 

Words and silence is an intimate and highly personal blog concerned with self-discovery. You might call it 'a journey towards ecstatic truth'.

You will find an archive of all my poems at walking in words.

This is the site of my poetry magazine, The Passionate Transitory. It comes out quarterly, and submissions are most welcome. The Passionate Transitory's Facebook page is here. Why don't you pay a visit? More 'Likes' are always appreciated!

Finally this is my own personal Facebook page. If I've known you a while as a regular blog reader and commenter, why don't you call in and become a Facebook Friend?


John Zorn said...

Thanks for this roundup up your fruitful activities.

I don't know about others - I'm probably in a tiny minority, but I don't subscribe to Facebook or Twitter. The first because the shortness of responses seems to lend itself to trivialising, the second because of its name. I could be mistaken, as always.

I wonder what others think?

it's me said...

I enjoy retracing your walks--wish I could have done many of them. I am a birder and have enjoyed your bird lists.

My Facebook page is used primarily for news feeds since few friends my age have one--the same for Twitter. I subscribe to or follow things that interest me and receive many links to articles I enjoy.

it's me said...

I enjoy reading about your travels and walks--wish I could have made them. I like your bird lists, too, since I am a birder.

To John Zorn---I use Facebook and Twitter accounts as newsfeeds for subjects that interest me. Almost none of my same age friends have a Facebook account so it's not a social thing for me.
I subscribe to or follow various news outlets, science sources, space news, book reviews, etc and receive interesting links to explore.

It is surprising what a vast array of news is available on twitter---one can ignore all the celebrity and pop news. Just fashion it to suit your interests.

John Zorn said...

It's me - thanks. I didn't know it could be used for the things you list.

dritanje said...

I do like your new header photo - and the others too of course. You are amazingly prolific solitary walker, I also admire your ability to have different blogs representing different aspects of yourself. I once tried to keep different notebooks in which to write different things but it's no good, everything runs into everything else...

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks for all these comments.

I think my blogs seep into each other too, dritanje... which is probably as it should be!

The Solitary Walker said...

Dritanje — the header pic was taken at Sandscale Haws on the Furness peninsula. The view looks out onto southern Lakeland across the Duddon estuary. It's wonderful there.