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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hardwick Hall

We have just become members of The National Trust, so last week we eagerly visited two stately homes in quick succession: Belton House and Hardwick Hall. The Renaissance-style Hardwick Hall was built for Bess of Hardwick in the late 16th century. At the time Bess was the richest woman in England after Queen Elizabeth I, just as JK Rowling is today after Queen Elizabeth II. The photos below, however, are of the ruined and roofless Hardwick Old Hall, which stands next to the New Hall. This building is older and, in my opinion, a lot more atmospheric. The Old Hall is cared for by English Heritage.

Interesting colours and textures. As well as the roof, the floors are missing too.

The imagination can really run wild in this architectural emblem of the picturesque.

Blinded by the light: The Solitary Walker in penitential mood.

Inside looking out.


Dominic Rivron said...

Joined a couple of years ago. What I like is the way membership means you can just go in and out of your favourite places whenever you feel like it.

Tattershall Castle's NT isn't it? My dad painted it -and I've a vague memory of at least going very near (if not in) it when very small.

Wallington's awesome, but it's a long way from you.

Kedleston Hall looks good.

Gail said...

Oh how I love historical homes such as these. We have the "Henry Whitfield House" in Guilford that is so amazing to visit and feel that time.....also Dudley Farm.Google these is you get a moment.
Great post and pictures. Thanks for taking me along,
Love Gail

Angela said...

Amazing isn't it? I was born just a few miles drive from Hardwick. Lovely part of the world!

The Solitary Walker said...

Perhaps all four us us could visit Kedleston Hall together soon, Dominic?

Nice to have your company, Gail!

Hi, Angela, and welcome. It's a small world.

Dominic Rivron said...

Great minds think alike.

Ruth said...

The atmosphere really is wonderful. The photo of you is just terrific (glad you chose it for your FB profile).

The Solitary Walker said...

It was an atmospheric place, Ruth — despite the screaming kids. Carmen takes all credit for the photo!