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Friday, 2 May 2014

The Pilgrim's Way (5): Tears (Or Feelings)

Today I remembered something I was told while walking in Spain by someone I met only that day. 

Like many days, I was walking and crying, it was the very early morning, he passed by my side, he saw I was crying and then he said: 'Don't be afraid of crying, you will always have tears, don't save them for later, crying is also a wonderful experience, a wonderful way to express your feelings, ensure you cry every time you feel like.'

Today I realized that one of the reasons why I want to come back to the Camino is to recover that gift of expressing my feelings.

From Lo Naciente, the blog of my South American pilgrim friend, Cris M.

To be continued . . .

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dritanje said...

That's a lovely reminder and thank you for sharing your friend's words. We Brits surtout, yes, women too (or at least this one)can be afraid of seeming weak, of losing some strength by crying. Not so of course, as this reminds us....