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Wednesday, 12 September 2007


I mentioned the mysterious world of the subconscious mind a few days ago. It seems my subconscious has been at work again. I've just read Old Girl Of The North Country's moving post about 9/11. Then I reread my own post from yesterday. In it the "twin towers" of Orford Castle loom down on you. There's talk of fortresses, war and the military. There's talk of burial grounds. Albeit in a historical context of long perspective. When I wrote the piece all of this sub-text was completely unmediated by my conscious mind. I thought I was just writing about a pleasant day out. It's somehow comforting that nature always takes over again in the end and tries to heal the wounds. As the National Trust took over Orford Ness from the MOD.


am said...

Here's the link to that post that was broken when I changed the name of my blog:


Sometime after my beloved Vietnam veteran died in April of 2008, Old Girl of the North Country died one day and was immediately resurrected as Talking 37th Dream With Rainbow (Rumors of Peace). When I changed the name of my blog, I didn't realize that all the links to Old Girl of the North Country would be broken. Life is full of surprises.

I'm almost finished reading all the links on your 1500th post. Your posts read equally well in the revisiting. It's like re-reading a favorite book!

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks, Amanda — I have renewed the link.