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Thursday, 6 September 2007


This early love poem by Giorgos Seferis became, under the Greek Colonels' régime, an anthem of liberation:


On the secret seashore
white like a pigeon
we thirsted at noon;
but the water was brackish.

On the golden sand
we wrote her name;
but the sea-breeze blew
and the writing vanished.

With what spirit, what heart,
what desire and passion
we lived our life! a mistake!
so we changed our life...


John Hee said...

.......and soooooo nicely spaced out -that seems to be sorted then

The Solitary Walker said...

Nope - cos unjustified text is OK. It's fully justified text that Blogger or I seem to have a problem with - probably me as I am only computer demi-semi-literate!