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Saturday, 2 February 2008

More Meseta

After Hontanas a cold, clear, frosty morning walk on 28 November led to lovely Castrojeriz. The 1st photo shows the approach, and the ruined castle on the hill. Later an Irish journalist-playwright-pilgrim told me he had spent several hours up there and had seen a dead eagle. The 2nd photo I took in the centre of town - site of many Moor-Christian wars and a major halt on the medieval Camino.

It was then back onto the Meseta and up the Alto Mostelares (900 metres). The 3rd photo shows the view back towards Castrojeriz from our lunch spot. Sadly at many of these Spanish picnic places hikers had thrown their rubbish everywhere.

We crossed the rio Pisuerga at Itero de la Vega, and left the province of Burgos for the province of Palencia, and the Tierra de Campos, the Land of Fields: a flat, fertile agricultural plain of wheat fields criss-crossed by rivers, canals and irrigation channels, and dotted with isolated villages of mud-walled houses.

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