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Saturday, 22 March 2008

Chilling Out

I've never known Easter weather like it. Wind, rain, snow, sunshine, hailstones. It's calm one moment. A raging gale the next. The sun comes out and all is tranquil. A few minutes later the sky clouds over and the wind swirls out of nowhere. I nearly went camping in the Yorkshire Dales over the holiday period. Actually I'm quite glad I didn't. Because we're having an Easter cook-fest safe within these 4 walls. Fabulous home-made lasagne, hot cross buns, marmalade cake, joint of lamb with garlic and herbs... Recipes available on request!


Two yards of lard said...

It's been wild hasn't it? Glad to hear that you're just sitting it out: I was worried that you were getting out and about and keeping it to yourself as threatened in your previous post.
Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend.

The Solitary Walker said...

Happy Easter break - or what's left of it - to you too! The only out-and-about I've been doing recently is out to the shops and back with the food. Families, families...