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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Good Shepherd, Good Mother

I never kept sheep,
But it is as if I did watch over them.
My soul is like a shepherd,
Knows the wind and the sun,
And goes hand in hand with the Seasons
To follow and to listen.
All the peace of Nature without people
Comes to sit by my side.
But I remain sad like a sunset
As our imagining shows it,
When a chill falls at the far side of the valley
And you feel night has come in
Like a butterfly through a window.

From The Keeper Of Sheep by Fernando Pessoa, translated from the Portuguese by Jonathan Griffin.

I took these photos of sheep during the walk described below. I just missed seeing by a few minutes the lamb in the 1st pic being born. The mother is licking it clean as it tries to struggle to its feet for the 1st time in its life.

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