A common man marvels at uncommon things. A wise man marvels at the commonplace. CONFUCIUS

Sunday, 29 June 2008

The Mysterious Nature Of Thought

As hesitant buds in spring
burst suddenly into rapture;

As young children,
clouded by the clock's confusion,
learn slowly how to separate
the hours and minutes;

As climbers gather themselves
into a still centre,
into diamond-hard stasis,
before that final fluid move;

As sentinel herons
in gnomic contemplation guard
the ever changing stream,
then flap stiffly off...

Your gaze elsewhere...

Your thoughts, like drifts of kelp,
washed up on the strandline,
then rescued by incoming tide,
float free...


Anonymous said...

This is lovely. The problem with my thoughts is getting control of the little buggers. I used to meditate reularly, maybe I should start again. Thoughts can be so very powerful.

The Solitary Walker said...

I've had the same problem - it's too easy for thoughts to control you rather than you controlling your thoughts.

Martin Rye said...

What is a sound mind as a starting point for getting control of and staying in control of ones mind?

Thoughts are an interesting posting indeed.