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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Look And Learn

My brief mention of The Eagle yesterday has really set me off down Memory Lane. The first comic my sister and I were allowed to take was Playhour. How we loved it. Remember Pinky and Perky and Harold Hare anyone? I see that it was first published in October 1954 - a month before I was born. After that I can't remember any comics until the first Eagle landed on the doormat. Brother and sister diverged at this point. While she pored over Bunty, then a little later Jackie, I was imaginatively engaged with the space-age adventures of The Eagle's Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future.

However I can't believe that I was reading Look and Learn at just 7 years old. But I've rediscovered my old copies in the attic (carefully slotted into binders!) and it's true. Some people are a little sniffy about Look and Learn and talk about it as being rather earnest, pointedly educational and so on - but I used to think it was absolutely wonderful and still do. Double-click on the pix above and see what you think. These are of the 4th issue which came out on 10 February 1962.

(At school we used to "trade" amongst ourselves American DC and Marvel comics - featuring all those Captain America, Batman, Spiderman and Superman super-heroes - and I remember there was always something deliciously subversive about this activity, as though there was something about these comics our parents and teachers wouldn't totally approve of... Innocent days!)

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