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Thursday, 5 November 2009


I have a new blog. It's called TURNSTONE: Shards, Sweepings, Stealings, Sayings, Secrets. You can find it here.

I've been uncovering lots of quotations, ideas, thoughts, poems, jewels which there isn't room for on this blog. So I'm putting them on the new one. The posts will be short and frequently updated. Please take a look if you have a moment. I hope you enjoy and will revisit! Do tell me what you think, and feel free to comment.

The turnstone is a shoreline wading bird with black, white and chestnut plumage. As its name implies, it turns over stones - in a ceaseless quest for food.


gleaner said...

What a lovely little bird.

A second blog - I'm not only surprised at the very long list of blogs people read, but I'm always amazed at those bloggers that have more than one blog, sometimes up to 5 blogs...but who knows, maybe in a couple more years I might venture into creating new bloggy branches.

I like the look of the new blog!

Rachel Fox said...

Great name too.

Dave Hollin said...

good luck on the new blog. I guess its more of a kind of "random thoughts" blog. Nice idea

Phoenix C. said...

I like the quote for today! (I'm leaving my comment here as Wordpress is a bit complicated to fill in).

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks, all.

Phoenix - Wordpress comments should be just as easy as Blogger? Say if you have any problems...