A common man marvels at uncommon things. A wise man marvels at the commonplace. CONFUCIUS

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Inside My Head

I went inside my head today.
It was a funny place.
I came across all kinds of junk.
It was a real disgrace.

Some half-digested theories
Were lying all around,
With long-forgotten queries,
The answers never found.

And lots of lovely words were there
Though most had not been said,
And heaps of intellectual books
But most of them unread.

Some much-distorted memories,
Some photos from the past,
Some childhood fears and hang-ups
Which were never meant to last.

Some poems learnt by heart at school
Were written on the wall,
But all the stuff I did at work
I couldn't see at all.

An empty pack of Number Six,
A bottle of cheap wine,
A little piece of dope, unsmoked,
From nineteen sixty-nine.

Poor Jimmy H, and Jerry G,
And Janis Joplin too,
Were jostling for the centre stage
Until they fell right through.

An effigy of Buddha
And a wise koan of Zen
Were stacked neatly in the corner
Should I visit them again.

One day I'll get a card index
And classify the lot,
But on the other hand I might
Just let them all go rot.

I went inside my head today.
It was a funny place.
I found so many things but
Of myself there was no trace.

(Posted from A Gudiña, on the Camino Sanabrés, Spain.)


verena said...


of course "Of myself there was no trace"

for You are not the thoughts but the one watching them.

for all you watch, the memories, fears and ideas appear inside the infinite Space You are.

they come an go like all circumstances move relentlessly, mud, rain, cold, warmth... all type of emotions and stuff...

just find THAT which doesnt
ever change

gleaner said...

Another gem!