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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Salamanca to A Gudiña (2)

I have reworked this as the previous version flipped through at too frenetic a pace! Hope this is an improvement.


ksam said...

Hey, Solitary! there is a picture of a town in this video, was also in the previous at about 4:38...in this one it is at 1:01...where is that, it's just the neatest looking town..sort of soft faded, sherbet colored houses nestled up against the fortress. And thanks for the rework. The first go round had a sense of urgency, but for those of us who don't "know" that route, this is easier...it allows you to focus a bit more and absorb.

Pax, Karin

The Solitary Walker said...

That's Zamora. One of my favourite places along the route, and another 'Mozarabic' town. In fact all the pix are of Zamora from 0.48 - 1.35. The Coca Cola pic shows the area's Coca Cola Distribution Centre - the 1st thing I saw on entering the town! The pic after that is the pilgrim's hostel (only 5 euros a night, although it's free if you haven't any money) which is a recent renovation - built into the stone walls of the city. It was excellent - with heating, hot showers, a kitchen, laundry facilities, and an extremely friendly and helpful hospitalera.