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Saturday, 16 October 2010

A Chip Of Ice

The final two poems I’m going to post in this little series go from the sublime to the ridiculous. Well, I always did have a penchant for light verse! The first may be seen as a warning to bloggers and youtubers and journalists and writers to hang on to their precious humanity. Though didn’t Graham Greene once say something about all writers having a chip of ice in their heart?


My mother was felled by a log.
And my father got bit by a dog.
My sister was sick,
And my brother got rick-
Ets, and grandma succumbed to the smog.

My grandfather swallowed a frog.
And my wife fell neck-high in a bog.
My sister-in-law
Had a spat with a saw,
And her husband was mauled by a hog.

The twins both went mad in the fog
And thought they were Gog and Magog.
But I cared not a lot,
Not a tittle or jot -

I could post it all up on my blog!

So all of you bloggers, beware.
If disaster strikes, do not despair.
When tragedy knocks,
Don't call up the docs -
Just blog it with finesse and flair.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I really enjoyed your rhyme
although I am quite short of time.
If I have a disaster
I'll type it up faster.....
alas I have run out of time.

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks for your response, Weaver Pat!
But don't keep it all under your hat.
I'm sure you'll give vent
To some dreadful event
Before long. I am hoping for that!

Friko said...

stop showing off, you aren't no toff!
I can't compete, don't know about feet, as for metres? they beats, er, me.

am said...


ho, ho, ho

I like the combination of your walking and your poetry all on the same blog. My 2 cents worth.

The Solitary Walker said...

Well, Friko, I know about feet.
I've two sore ones from the Spanish camino.
As for metres I'm stuck
But I don't give a damn
'Cos, myself, I don't know about rhyme.

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks, am!

Yes, I know, that was the worst enjambement in the history of English poetry..!

Anonymous said...

is it
I prefer

The Solitary Walker said...

should we
say pre-
though mar-
-mite for me

Ruth said...

Way fun, including the comments!

And I confess to cringing a little at the truth in "A Chip of Ice". :)