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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hey, That's My Kind Of Music! (4)

Amazing Blondel Alleluia

The late sixties/early seventies were one of music's golden periods. I saw the Amazing Blondel give a concert in Lincoln cathedral around that time. They were a local band for me. They came from Scunthorpe - just up the road. They took an age to tune up their lutes in the chilly cathedral. But when they'd done so - wow! Their music is uncategorisable: progressive medieval, Renaissance revival, folk? It doesn't really matter. It's magic to me, and reminds me of my youth. When I checked out YouTube, I was glad to see they were still touring over 30 years later. The video below was shot in 2004 in Norway. But where's all that hair gone? Hope you enjoy.


ksam said...

Absolutely lovely!

George said...

Thanks for the introduction to this group. I have never heard of them, but I find the music to be wonderful.