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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Walking In Words

walking in words

My poetry site is finally up and running. If anyone wants to take a look, the address is http://www.walking-in-words.blogspot.com/.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Shall pop over now Robert.

Bonnie said...

on my way ... love van morrison btw

Anonymous said...

Thank you Robert, I really appreciate having these gathered together and will be spending some time with them (for obvious reasons, the pilgrimage ones speak to me) - I already had a couple I am familiar with ear-marked for my notebook.

And thanks for the spur to write - I hope there is something about arriving in SAntiago bubbling away which may make it to paper in the next couple of weeks,


George said...

I love the new poetry site, Robert. Read the posted poem about the Lydia Bauman painting today, and will read the other poems at my leisure. A great new resource that will keep me entertained and informed in the coming months. Thanks.

Val said...

off to have a look now! not always easy to leave comments as am on borrowed internet time, but enjoying your walks and thoughts; i will look for that musician you mentioned last time - always like to hear new music. am so impressed you have seen Bob Dylan live 30 times !! (have you really?) WOW.