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Saturday, 29 October 2011

On Top Of The World

Red berries of autumn.

Sign opposite the tourist office in Tence. Le Puy lies only 42 km away.

Beautiful autumnal trees.

A perfect country scene.

A colourful corner of the garden.

This cairn near Raffy marks the highest point of the whole Chemin: 1276 metres above sea level.

Looking back from Raffy over the day's route. Note the tall seed heads of rosebay willowherb in the foreground (called fireweed in the US).


Suman said...

Every inch of this place is so quaint and charming. The last photo is absolutely breathtaking.
Thank you for sharing these picture-perfect postcards.

Ruth said...

Flowers, stone fences and houses, green hills, autumnal trees, a feast for my eyes.

The tree with berries creates her own tunnel-hug for you, the pilgrim, with quite an unusual growth pattern.

The Weaver of Grass said...

You must be as fit as a flea after all that walking Robert.

George said...

With Le Puy only 42 km away, I'm sorry this journey is coming to and end. Every posting has lifted my spirits. Ultreia!

ksam said...

I'be actually been sort of saving some of these posts...to read in rapid succession. Lovely, all of them, and making me desperately want to go walkabout again. Although today surely isn't the day for that. Take your autumnal foliage and sling a few inches of very wet slushy snow at all of it and you've got the weather here today! A real yuck sorta day! Fit only for tea and marmite toast!

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks all of you lovely and loyal readers for these comments!

A tunnel-hug sounds wonderful, Ruth, and I want one. Now.

Weaver - I was fit, but it's so easy to sink back into lazy ways when back home.