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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Espalion to Massip

I don't know if anyone can identify this tree. I've searched the tree guides in vain. I think it's just beautiful.

Eglise de Saint-Pierre-de-Bessuéjouls: one of the oldest churches on the route.

Yet another lovely view.

The Way starts to climb again. Would you believe it!

Looking back towards the castle (top left of pic) above Espalion.

Such a wonderful path . . . This section is absolutely perfect.

Here someone's carved out a little business opportunity for themselves.

This Gothic bridge over the Lot leads into Estaing.

The delightful small town of Estaing is dominated by a 15th-century château — now a convent. 

You will find this exquisite piece of medieval stonework outside Estaing's church of Saint-Fleuret.

Climbing again — for what seemed most of the afternoon. It was exhausting work in the heat. Finally I reached L'Orée du Chemin, an excellent gîte d'étape in the hamlet of Massip just before Golinhac. I'd stayed here four and a half years ago and remembered the hospitalier. When I told him I'd been there before, he apologised for not recognising me. 'Two thousand pilgrims a year overnight in this gîte,' he told me. That's nine thousand since your last visit!'


Ruth said...

I'd like to climb to the tippy-top of that tower in Estaing. And write.

The Solitary Walker said...

Me too!

Goat said...

Yes, "absolutely perfect" looks about right.