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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Let Us Disappear Into Praising

This post is dedicated to Ruth's blog synch-ro-ni-zing, which came to a close this week. There were real and heartfelt tears wept in blogdom, I assure you. Let us praise and celebrate this fine blog in all its beauty, creativity, intelligence, numinosity and generosity of spirit. True soul-work indeed.


Praise the sky to the tree
And praise the tree to the ground
Praise the word on a leaf
And paraphrase some praise in song

Ride the curve of a question
Streaming down the wing of a swan
Uncurl your tongue with a holler
Or fly on praise without sound

Exhale the body to praise the air
Burn brittle sticks of hate
Clean the room with incense
Sniff the glue of "Celebrate"

Blossom a path to the plum
And flower-fountain the moon
Waterfall your hair on rocks
Then tease it out like the sun

Shout in yellow and laugh out red
Amen the sinners, admonish the dead
Swing on the tire to praise the clock
Then hug the hammock and sleep full stop

Heat up your heart 
And mercy your mind
Climb on the couch, bounce 
Your jiggles divine

Puff milkweed pouts and explode the pod 
Shake your bones till they’re humble
Fill that space with God!


Praise, my dear one.
Let us disappear into praising.
Nothing belongs to us.



ds said...

Thank you for your heartfelt tribute to one of my favorite blogs...and people. Ruth will be greatly missed. Her words and her spirit resound.

Friko said...

We will miss her.
Here's hoping that she will reappear some day.

Actually, it is a good thing to leave readers wanting more rather than leaving you -your blog, that is - out of boredom. The time comes when we all lack enthusiasm and our posts become humdrum, routine, and a break is indicated.

I am not saying this to you, I hasten to add, more to myself.

George said...

Thanks, Robert, for this lovely tribute to Ruth. We will all miss this weekly cornucopia of gifts. Hopefully, Sync will return after some well-deserved rest and reflection.

Ruth said...

Tears of gratitude, Robert.

You've made me almost regret my decision.

Big thanks to you, and to ds, Friko and George. I am much comforted by two things: I have found beautiful friends blogging, and stopping mine does not mean I have to stop reading yours!

Goat said...

Damn, this was on my will-get-around-to-reading-soon list. It's hard work, as you know, keeping a blog going amid the cyclone of other things that fill our lives. I toy with the idea of abandoning mine every few weeks. Anyway, sounds like she has has plenty of other projects on the go.

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...