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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Massip To Conques

Flower pot pilgrims.



Le château de Sénergues.

Le tour carré du château de Sénergues.

An old house in Sénergues.

The church of St Martin, Sénergues.

Descending to Conques in the valley of the river Dourdou.

Entering Conques.


Ruth said...

The question is, how do you leave such places that are so achingly enchanting?

The Solitary Walker said...

Only by knowing the next place will be equally as enchanting, Ruth...

I want to return there. Now.

George said...

Quintessentially France, "la France profonde," as they say. Oh how I would love to be there—today, tomorrow, forever!

The Solitary Walker said...

Yes, 'la belle France', George. However, just to balance things out a bit, at the end of my trip I took a train from Bordeaux to Paris, and the countryside seemed very dull indeed on that western side, particularly the stretch from Poitiers.