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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Part Of The Landscape

What has evolved is a project that goes beyond art as an object to be looked at, to something that is a part of a landscape to be lived in. ANDY GOLDSWORTHY

In January 1996 the nature sculptor and artist Andy Goldsworthy began work on his Cumbrian sheepfolds project. By April 2003 he had renovated or completely reconstructed forty-six Lake District sheepfolds, which had either fallen into disrepair or disappeared altogether. The sheepfold below, in Low Tilberthwaite, was the last sheepfold he worked on. It's square, and built of limestone with slate sections in the middle of each wall — a reference to Tilberthwaite's quarrying history. In the centre of each slate section is a circle of slate uprights. Various skilled local dry stone wallers helped Goldsworthy with this project.
Touchstone Fold, Low Tilberthwaite.

Touchstone Fold, Low Tilberthwaite.

Ferns and foxgloves beyond the fold's northern wall.

Bridge over Yewdale Beck with sycamore tree, Low Tilberthwaite.

Low Tilberthwaite.


Sandy's witterings said...

I've seen a good deal of Mr Goldsworthy. He might be Cheshire born but lives down (perhaps that's up) our way and there a lot of his work in Scotland (Yorkshire sculpture parks worth a visit for him too) and I seem to come across it frequently.
Never seen pictures of this sheepfold before the slate section is interesting as it matches walls built in the Museum in Edinburgh. There's 3 pictures of it at the bottom of this blog here http://miceforlent.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/andy-goldsworthy-in-museum-basement.html

Rachel Fox said...


Ruth said...

Wonderful, beautiful, useful art. So gratifying.

George said...

Gorgeous photos, Robert. I greatly admire Goldsworthy's work and have several books with images of his art. When I am tinkering around in my own yard, I often ask myself what Goldsworthy would do with the natural elements found on my small plot of land.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love Goldsworth's work Robert. Of your photographs I especially like the first one with that near perfect circle.

Suman said...

Beautiful! Love the contrasting slate patterns in the first picture.

Rubye Jack said...

Who ever knew art might be so soothing. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...


You're in 'my patch': Rusland, Tilberthwaite, Morecambe Bay, etc. I was wandering the Tilberthwaite woods a few days ago; despite being a fan of Andy Goldsworthy, I prefer the remains of the old slate mines. And the woods are where I always see pied flycatchers.

Are you in South Lakeland for a few more days?



The Solitary Walker said...

I checked the pics you took in the Museum of Edinburgh, Sandy — yes, the design is just the same, isn't it?

Thanks everyone for your comments, and I'm glad you found Goldsworthy's sheepfold pleasing (and this one isn't even the best example).

John — thanks for logging in. Actually I was in the Lakes from Monday to Saturday last week and am writing it up retrospectively. You are very lucky to live there. I haven't seen a pied flycatcher for ages — i think the last time was in some Welsh oak woods.

Goat said...

Stunning stonework. I wasn't familiar with the term "sheepfold" but made the obvious guess which turned out to be right. You've been seeing some lovely spots on your recent rambles.