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Monday, 13 August 2012

The Passionate Transitory

Today I launched an online poetry journal entitled The Passionate Transitory. I'm inviting original, quality contributions from new and existing poets. Its scope will be broad, but with a particular emphasis on "life, landscape, travel and pilgrimage" — that's "pilgrimage of the mind, the body and the soul". Here's a copy of the home page:

The Passionate Transitory

New online poems about life, landscape, travel and pilgrimage

Submissions are invited for Issue 1 of an exciting, new, online poetry magazine: The Passionate Transitory. Poems should be original and well-crafted, and have something resonant to say. Whether the poem is rhymed or unrhymed, direct or oblique, it's the quality of the writing that counts, and that mysterious, visceral frisson you get from reading it.

This is what love does to things: the Rialto Bridge, / The main gate that was bent by a heavy lorry, / The seat at the back of a shed that was a sun trap. / Naming these things is the love-act and its pledge; / For we must record love’s mystery without claptrap, / Snatch out of time the passionate transitory.

Patrick Kavanagh

I'm excited by this new venture, and hope that some of you will consider contributing!

You can find the website here: www.thepassionatetransitory.yolasite.com


Friko said...

The very best of luck to your new venture.

Anonymous said...

I like this very much!


George said...

This is really exciting, Robert. I look forward to following your new adventure. Perhaps I will feel inspired to make a contribution at some point.

Ruth said...

Thrilling! I admire the energy flowing from your quarter!

Ruth said...

I would like to contribute too, Robert. I would be interested in shooting for the first issue, if time allows. (We have a farm wedding later this month, and life is accelerating.) Do you have a submission deadline in mind?

Rachel Fox said...

Sounds interesting... I'll dig around and see if I've got anything you might like for this.

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks, everyone! Any contributions would be gratefully received...

Ruth, it's difficult to give an exact deadline for this first issue as I have no idea yet about the response. Though so far, and it's early days, I've already received three excellent poems. If you, or anyone, have any bright ideas about how to publicise my new site, they would be more than welcome. In the meantime — spread the word!