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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I've now received around thirty poems of real quality which are ready to appear in the first issue of my new poetry journal, The Passionate Transitory. It's free, it's online, and it should be out sometime in October. I'll flag up imminent publication on this blog. There's still plenty of room for more poems if anyone's been holding back! I would love to hear from you. And thanks a million to everyone who's been promoting the magazine.

The Passionate Transitory is now on Facebook, but I must confess I'm a Facebook virgin. If any Facebook adepts out there can help me with a few tips and pointers, I would be truly grateful. How do you get your page known? How do you find other pages? How do you get other poetry fans and poetry sites to interact?


Ruth said...

Great news, Robert. I have just "LIKED" The Passionate Transitory at FB.

But I'm afraid I am not an adept, because I don't have experience with the marketing you ask about.

ksam said...

LOL!! Seriously, both happy and sad that your on FB too! It is, as I remind myself and others...a tool. It is not evil or bad in and of itself. But it can suck the day away sometimes if your not careful. NOR is it a replacement for face to face interaction! That unfortunately is it's difficulty for the younger generation, who sometimes fail to realize this small detail. That being so, it allows one to meet and talk (as blogs do!) with some wonderful and amazing people. While I probably spend more time there than I care to admit, I don't know of any particular special gizmo for getting the word out there other than...word of "mouth". SO...off to FB to "like" the Passionate Transitory and recommend it to those I know. Another possible option is also something called Pintrest. I will "pin" you there and see where that may lead. God...now I'm actually acutely embarrassed at what a computer geek I've become.

Sabine said...

First of all you want to make sure you enable secure browsing. That will deter a good bit of spam and whatnot. On your fb account, go to account settings, onto security and enable secure browsing.
Just from experience...

Dominic Rivron said...

Re Facebook. I still don't know how it works in detail and I'm downright promiscuous with it. I do know it's worth exploring your settings - don'tautomatically assume that because someone's a friend that they see what you stick on your wall.

Timecheck said...

Robert, I favor Facebook groups over pages unless it is a high volume commercial enterprise. The main reason being that if you are in a group it shows up on the left side of your Facebook page and shows a count if there is any activity since the last time you visited the group. There are so many things on Facebook that I at least need a reminder to go look at something. The group does that.

Members of a group don't have to be friends. All group activity is visible to all group members. A group can be public, public view-able, or totally closed.

I look at a Facebook page as sort of a billboard to direct people to your group.

People find out about your group or page by your active participation in related forums, etc. This only works if your participation adds value. I see a lot of posts that are clearly self serving.

Anyway, 1000s of fans, page is fine. Dozens, groups are better in my opinion.

Rubye Jack said...

I'd "like you" if I did Facebook, but I don't so I just have to like you period.

NTmatt said...

Hello, I spotted your blog and thought you might like to get involved with our Great British Walk this autumn, email us at twitter at nationaltrust.org.uk - it would be great to discuss a few ideas!


Social Media Team
National Trust

Cris M said...

Hi Solitary Walker,
I have given my "like" to your facebook page. I am not either a facebook person, but I love poetry and nice writings!

I arrived here because of the pilgrimage and I opened my fb account after walking the Camino last year to be in touch with my fellow pilgrims... it is a nice feeling how things are related...

Warm hug,
Cris M

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks for all these bits of helpful advice.

Like you too, Rubye!

Will check that out, NTmatt. I appreciate your visit.

Cris M — thanks, and thanks too for that lovely, long comment you left on my 'Silence and Tears' post from way back.