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Saturday, 27 October 2012


You were the wild cat

You were the frog

The quick brown fox that jumped over the lazy dog

You were the snake which curled in the sand

The spider crawling on my hand

You were the terrorist of my heart

The curare on a poison dart

You were the moon's deepest abyss

The peck of a piranha's kiss

You were the absinthe but just one shot

The memory even time forgot

Words: The Solitary Walker

Images: Wikimedia Commons

Attribution (from top to bottom):

Steve Snodgrass
Harmen Piekema
Ian W Fieggen
Bryce McQuillan
Nevit Dilmen
Oliver Delgado
Gonzalo Rivero
Eric Litton


Ruth said...

I'm intrigued, Robert. It's like an illustrated children's book for adults, remembering a lover who was mysterious, evasive, dangerous, and maybe irresistible. But in the end, better done without.

am said...

I hear music with these words and many of your poems and am moved. This one with imagery is like an illumination.

Am re-reading The New Harmony: the Spirit, the Earth and the Human Soul, by J. Philip Newell. This early morning, I was reading his thoughts about oneness and St. John of Patmos. Now what is coming to mind after reading your words is:

"... I fought with my twin, that enemy within
'Til both of us fell by the way ..."

By the way, J. Philip Newell is from Scotland, and this morning I was also reading about a hike he made in the Cairngorms.

Suman said...

This is beautiful, Robert! And perhaps a little sad too. What stays with me the most, is the fascinating stringing together of the images and the lines.

Rubye Jack said...

Sometimes I think I follow too many poets because poetry can be hard for me, but with this... I understand why I read you.

Dominic Rivron said...

Like it. Finding and putting the wiki photos together with it must have been a bit wearing/eyewatering!

Love the Quinterviews - just back from a week in Wales so I''ve just found them.

Goat said...

Poetry with pictures? I think you just found a way to break through to my sector of the market!

But seriously -- just one shot?

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks everyone so much for your comments.

Yes, luckily just one shot, Goat. More than that and I would probably have become an obscure symbolist poet destined for an early grave.

Grace said...

What an interesting way to present your poem. Love it.

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks for visiting, Grace!