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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Quinterview 5

Meet Dominic Rivron and find out what makes his poetic pulse race in this fifth Passionate Transitory quinterview.

I think of poems as coming from somewhere else, so although I write poems now and again I don't talk about poetry much unless someone pokes me with a pointed stick.

Dominic Rivron

Dominic Rivron


George said...

Great fun to read this brief interview with Dominic, who, as I would expect, refused to either categorize or be categorized. I also enjoyed the three poems, "The Stone" being my favorite.

The Solitary Walker said...

Yes indeed, George!

Ruth said...

I quite agree with George about "The Stone" and that what I enjoy about Dominic is the surprises and his self and verse not fitting a certain mold.

The Solitary Walker said...

D'you know, 'Stone' is an old, 'resurrected' poem of Dominic's, and I first read it on a visit to his house over 20 years ago. It impressed me then, and has stuck in my mind ever since. Poems can do that to you, can't they?

Loren said...

Loved seeing Dominic in a new light.

Great questions.

Dick said...

I've long enjoyed Dominic's poetry so it's the more interesting to read some of the thinking behind the process. Good to see Basil Bunting getting a mention!