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Friday, 14 December 2012

Red Pepper And Sweet Potato Soup

I'm fanatical about soups, and today I made a red pepper and sweet potato soup — the perfect winter warmer.

Recipe (3/5 bowls)

Roast in the oven at 200 degrees C. 500gm thinly sliced sweet potatoes, two roughly chopped red onions, a roughly chopped red pepper and two teaspoons of ground cumin. (Coat everything with a good measure of olive oil first.)

After about 40 minutes, when the vegetables are nicely charred at the edges, remove from the oven and liquidise in a large saucepan, after adding between one half-litre and one litre (depending on how thick or thin you like the soup) of hot vegetable stock.

Season to taste.

This is also good with chorizo.


Martin said...

Sounds wonderful, do you peel the sweet potatos first?

Oh and if you're interested, the very best dhal recipe I've come across so far is here:


The Solitary Walker said...

I peeled them myself, Martin — but I don't suppose you have to.

Vagabonde said...

This soup sounds like a subtle mixture of flavors. I’ll try it. As for my chorizo casserole I’ll have to find the recipe – have not made it lately as I could not find the chorizo. The last soup I made was cream of cauliflower soup with a dash of nutmeg and sprinkled with gruyère – quite good too with petits croutons à l’ail.

Rubye Jack said...

Oh, that would be so good with chorizo. And so nutritious.

Ruth said...

Red peppers are among the greatest gifts. And cumin. I'm with you, that roasting vegetables until charred makes for tasty soup. Perfection!

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

I think I shall add this one to my must make soon. I love this type of soup.