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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Quinterview 15

Meet the brilliantly accomplished poet Jenne' R Andrews in The Passionate Transitory's fifteenth quinterview.

Jenne' R Andrews


George said...

What a terrific interview, one of the best yet. My hat's off to both of you, Robert and Jenne. The hat is insufficient, however, as praise for the three poems that are published in TPT. I was simply overwhelmed at the depth, the layers of meaning, and the heart-wrenching quality. I can only say that I will return and read them several times more. These are the type of poems that yield even more fruit with each reading. Once again, I am reminded of the power of language when harnessed by a fine poet.

jen revved said...

Thank you, George-- and thank you, Robert, again. xj

Susan Scheid said...

Wonderful interview, as they always are. A particular phrase I found memorable was this: "necessary narcissistic music."

Ruth said...

Robert, as you know, I admire Jenne's poetic abilities more than I can say. George has said it very well. I thank him for that, and couldn't agree more.