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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rufford Abbey

Rufford Abbey is only half an hour away from here by car. Today we spent the early afternoon in its grounds (and Coach House Café). There were very few other visitors. Just how I like it!

Carmen strides up Broad Ride towards the abbey.

This surviving cloister in the west wing dates from the 12th century, when the abbey was inhabited by Cistercian monks. It became a private country house in the 16th century, was extended and improved in the 18th and 19th centuries, but partly demolished in the 20th century. Now it's owned by English Heritage, and the remains of the house and its extensive grounds are open to the public.

Rufford Lake was partly frozen over.

Espaliers in the abbey garden.

A lone figure returns down Broad Ride.


George said...

There you go again — something already beautiful transformed into yet another kind of beauty. Beautiful photos.

Suman said...

Gorgeous pictures! And how beautifully the swans merge with the white winter-scape.

Gail said...

I was so thriled to 'see' your amazing pictures of such a glorious place. I loved going there via your post. "thank you"

I love old monastery type places - so fascinating and in Winter the mystery and intrigue is enhanced.
Love Gail

The Solitary Walker said...

Thanks for commenting — George, Suman and Gail.

Laura said...

Such a beautiful and peaceful setting. I can imagine the quiet as usual sounds are absorbed by the snow.

Just lovely.