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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Butterflies And Moths

It's been a great year for butterflies in the garden. Here's a Red Admiral on the plum tree. Red Admirals and Commas were attracted by the fallen, fermenting fruit.

Right now there are lots of Small Tortoiseshells, bees, hoverflies and other insects on the asters.

And here's a Comma sunning its wings on a plum tree leaf.

I know there are Hummingbird Hawk Moths in the area. In fact, only yesterday the village butcher told me he'd seen one hovering over his hanging basket. I think I spotted one in our own garden too, but it flew away so fast I couldn't identify it with complete accuracy.

(All photos are The Solitary Walker's except for the last one, which is sourced from Wikimedia Commons and credited to Umberto Salvagnin.)


Bouncing Bertie said...

Exquisite photos. Such transient flashes of beauty.
Cheers, Gail
PS I am not in the habit of begging people to visit my (i.e. Bertie's) blog, but the current post has something special for all admirers of Robert Macfarlane.

Ruth said...

Stunning colors and patterns in your excellent photos.

We had a hummingbird hawk moth in one of our beds last summer, but I didn't manage to photograph it.