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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Day 33: Sainte-Croix To Orbe

We had been quite lucky with the weather, but today the rain poured down.

The rain lent the Gorges de Covatannaz an ethereal, Tolkienesque quality.

It was fascinating to witness how, over tens of thousands of years, the water had carved its way through the rock, forming eddies, pools and basins. 

A massive limestone cliff. You can't get appreciate the sheer size from this photo, but it was completely awe-inspiring.

Emerging from the gorge.

Leaving Baulmes in mist and rain.

Is there a collective noun for an assemblage of cow bells? A tinkling, perhaps? Or a jangle? Or a clangour?

Vineyards between the Jura and the Alps.


Timecheck said...

Those cow bells, on a building is the best place for them according to a Swiss study making the rounds. Apparently they deafen the cows. Who knew?

George said...

Bravo on the shot of the vineyards. Beautifully composed with great depth.

am said...

Tolkienesque! Yes!

The Solitary Walker said...

Are you having me on, Ralph?

Thanks, George — I like that shot too.

Am :)

Ruth Mowry said...

Words can't describe such places as those gorges. It's true you can't convey the scope in photos, but yours are really great. I agree with George about the vinyards shot! Terrific.

The Solitary Walker said...

Those two gorges were magnificent, Ruth. I love that kind of walking. When I think about it, there weren't many pristine parts of the landscape, untouched by the hand of man, that I traversed — but the gorges were difficult of access, and not useful for cultivation or animal husbandry purposes, so had remained 'wild' — like many steep-sided river gorges all over the world.