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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Ten Of The Best: Paul Simon (3)

After his split with Art Garfunkel in the early 1970s, Paul Simon has gone on to produce some fine records and some not quite so good — but big kudos to him for experimenting and trying out different kinds of songs and rhythms. When Graceland came out in 1986 I remember listening in stunned admiration and mounting excitement to You Can Call Me Al and The Boy in the Bubble, which were released as singles and played a lot on the radio at the time. Every song on this album is a gem. I also really like So Beautiful or So What from 2011, in which he returns to proper, traditional songwriting, and the recent Stranger to Stranger. Here's Wristband from this album. Such a cool vibe! I love it.


George said...

The constant innovation and experimentation — that's what I've always admired about Paul Simon and his music.

Anonymous said...

Liked it when the sax player stuck his tongue out. I thought did he really do that and watched again. Yes he did.

Are you into Weather Report? What you said about rhythm made me think of it.


The Solitary Walker said...

Weather Report were amazing. Was so lucky to see them at the legendary Birmingham Odeon around the late 1970s/early 80s, when Jaco Pastorius was still with them. Am very nostalgic about that whole jazz fusion era: Miles Davis, Chick Corea etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm envious. (I saw Zappa once, which makes some people envious! Thing is, I never "got" him. I went along to keep a mate company).Never saw Weather Report. Myself,I prefer the pre Jacob Pastorius albums with Miroslav Vitous. I ought to listen to more MV. Just looking at https://youtu.be/QNGVoeDXA6M