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Thursday, 27 December 2012

It's Here

The Passionate Transitory's second issue is now available online. Click here to read some of the best and most exciting contemporary world poetry. Contributions have come from the UK, the USA, Spain, Eastern Europe and India. 21 poets are represented this time around (as opposed to 14 in the first issue). They include 10 outstanding writers you'll remember from Issue 1, and 11 new contributors, including  Fiona Pitt-Kethley and Hélène Cardona. We hope you enjoy.

I'm proud once again that the contributions are of such a high standard in this new edition of the magazine. The poems are immensely varied, and you'll warm to some at once, though others may take more time. But savour them, read them again and again, and, like me, I think you'll come to appreciate them all, with their different styles, syntaxes, punctuations, themes and concerns — whether they are the intense, inventive poetics of Jenne' R Andrews or the mythical dreamscapes of Hélène Cardona, the urban park realism of Stephen Regan or the wry humour of Les Merton, the playful originality of Seth Crook or the conjoined inner and outer worlds of Morelle Smith. I can't single out everyone here; just read and enjoy. And I leave you with two of my favourite lines from the whole collection: 'These things we see by chance, / Like city lights celestial in the rain, / Or something overheard about Idaho...' (Geoffrey Heptonstall).

From The Editorial of The Passionate Transitory's latest issue.

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