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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Nearly Ready

Submissions are now closed for Issue 2 (Winter 2012) of The Passionate Transitory poetry magazine.

Issue 1 (Autumn 2012) contained 35 poems by 14 poets. Issue 2 (Winter 2012) will contain 47 poems by 21 poets — including 10 former contributors and 11 new contributors. A nice mix.

The standard is once again high (for every poem accepted I'm rejecting dozens), and there are some poems which are sensational, but it wouldn't be right for an editor to pass his or her own opinion on such qualitative matters, so I'll leave it to you poetry readers out there to judge! It's fascinating, though, that in poetry, above all, everyone seems to like different things. Luckily I have quite a wide taste and appreciation, which is probably a good asset for a poetry editor.

Issue 2 will be available online at some point over the Christmas/New Year period. Watch this space.

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