A woman's hand is white and beautiful because it is a thing of flesh and bone, not ivory and silver; I esteem it not because it gleams but because it grasps. SOR JUANA INÉS DE LA CRUZ

Exceptional beauty and charm are among those gifts given by the sinister fairy at the christening. REBECCA SOLNIT

Monday, 4 February 2013

Embracing And Letting Go

Santiago Cathedral, Spain. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The real traveller finds sustenance in equivocation, he is torn between embracing and letting go, and the wrench of disengagement is the essence of his existence, he belongs nowhere.

Read the full quotation from Cees Nooteboom's book Roads To Santiago in my new Turnstone post.

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Vagabonde said...

I read the whole quote from Cees Nooteboom - nice. I did not know this writer and will check some of his work. It is so true – I would say that the true traveler find sustenance in… traveling. I would end like he does by saying that the traveler belongs nowhere … and everywhere.